The advantages of strong large magnets and application scope

The advantages of strong large magnets and application scope

About the big magnet, different customers on the understanding of the big magnet is not the same, and different magnet manufacturers production of large magnet size is not the same, if you have large specifications of strong magnet need to calculate the price, play samples welcome to contact our company.

Powerful magnet we usually default to ndfeb magnet, also called permanent magnet, belongs to the rare earth magnets, many occasions of the application of electromagnetic, permanent magnet can be used to replace any electricity consumption, using powerful magnet not fever (this is very important), don't have to worry about power, etc, like a magnetic chuck has a big problem, is power-off protection, so the electromagnetic lifting typically require uninterrupted power supply, resulting in increased costs, using powerful magnet sucker, I wouldn't have a trouble back at home.

Where does strong big magnet apply?
Powerful magnet application range is very wide, such as permanent magnet motor, magnetic crane, magnetic chuck, magnetic actuator (synchronous transmission; hysteresis, eddy current drive), magnetic spring (attraction, the curve shape and tension spring), security sensors, sensors, in addition to iron, separator, daily necessities, toys, machinery and equipment, fishing tools, etc.

Our NdFeB bar magnet can generally do 150mm long, circular large magnet can do 220mm outside diameter, can play a hole or hole, there is a need to dear friends can consult website customer service.

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